Creation Sounds

A collage of nature sounds in Barbados – in one digital library. From the rolling of turquoise waves along shell-sprinkled sand, and the rhythm of seawater drumming at the sides of fishing boats, to the singing of sparkies, doves, blackbirds, pea witlers, parrots, crickets, along with green monkey calls, and the sweet lullaby of tropical rain and springs, it’s all here.

recordings of: the sea | water by bays, jetties, and boats | various birdsongs | monkeys | farmlife | springs


Our sound library features a variety of tropical sounds and bird songs, ideal for nature documentaries, stage presentations, therapeutic workshops, and a tropical ambience at venues. Recorded island-wide along outdoor hiking and fishing adventures, these sounds serve as sonic reminders of the absolute beauty and immeasurable gift of Creation, while bringing The Caribbean closer to you.

Product description: From the Creation Sounds box set, 30 minutes of a “Seawater Serenade.” (digital or physical album.)

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