Voice-care (Guests tips)

Fabulous! You’re well on your way to better – brighter – stronger and more polished vocals! Now that you’ve read Voice-Care tips #1 we’re happy to introduce you to some key people who use their voice directly in their career – all ready, willing and kind enough to share their best voice-care advice with you. How cool is that? Over the course of this week, we interviewed:

  • a leading broadcaster 
  • the lead vocalist and singer/songwriter of a popular band
  • an award-winning singer and touring musician
  • a leading percussionist, singer/songwriter 
  • one member of an award-winning producer duo
  • a theatre arts principal/tutor, V.O narrator

“My voice-care tips are fairly basic and in fact, the most important one has very little to do with any physical preparation or application, and it is practicing peace of mindfulness…being very aware of the awesome responsibility and power the spoken word has via your voice, and trying as much as possible to always make utterances – statements that are positive in some way or the other, and by that, I don’t mean preachy. I just mean, positive – sharing a soft word.” – Carol A M Roberts (Broadcaster)


“Sleep is your best friend. You can be doing everything else to take care of your voice, but if your body is tired, that means your vocal cords are too. So get some sleeeeeeeep!” – Mahalia (Singer/Songwriter, Lead Vocalist of Two Mile Hill band)


Singer/Songwriter and top percussionist, Onika Best shares on the many health benefits of 100% noni juice which she also makes and sells from her home-based art gallery and drum centre. Watch the video to learn more


1.”Honey in a cup of lemon juice or lime/lemon juice and salt, with a tip of lard oil.

2.Black coffee (no sugar) for relief from coughs. After you have a cup – sweet vocals!

3.Sleep. Your voice also needs rest to recuperate and recharge.

4. For colds and coughs – apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, cayenne pepper, hot water, and honey. After taking that blend, chew a garlic pod – Biggie Irie (Award-winning Sweet Soca and Reggae Singer/Songwriter)

“Too many acids in your diet can cultivate illness. Eat more alkaline foods and get some exercise – take an evening walk as often as possible in between all the recording, rehearsing, interviews and performances.” – Scott Galt (A member of the award-winning producer duo, De Red Boyz, leading guitarist and singer)


I’d like to read Voice-Care #1

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