Learning with us:

  • Voice
  • Rhythm guitar 101

•Jingle writing

  • Publishing 101
  • Music entrepreneurship
Our coaching clientele includes artists preparing for international showcases, participants in Junior Monarch national competition, annual HoneyJam Barbados showcase participants, N.I.F.C.A, school talent contests, and national events.
Livvi Franc
Singer/Songwriter, Livvi Franc joined the Voice Training and Artist Development (referred by Artist and Vocal Coach, “Lisa Howell”) and subsequently landed a record deal with JIVE and RCA. Livvi’s training was comprehensive and diverse, as she was encouraged and prepared to free her voice and focus on stage confidence, covering meditation & creative visualization, vocal techniques, music video outdoor simulation exercises, and vocal fitness. She embraced every step of training with enthusiasm and a good attitude, and is a songwriting force with many international credits to her name. Congratulations and blessed journey, Livvi.
Country Pop Singer/Songwriter, Malissa Alanna
Country Pop Singer/Songwriter, Malissa Alanna sought our coaching services, and was a joy to work with. Extremely driven and focused, Malissa attended sessions after school and on weekends after dance rehearsals. We focused on strengthening and freeing the vocals and on her then naturally blossoming gift of songwriting, while including practical exercises for stage confidence (music video simulation.) and subsequently referring her to perform at annual HoneyJam Barbados showcase, brainchild of renaissance woman, Ebonnie Rowe. HoneyJam Barbados acknowledged Malissa Alanna as “BEST NEW ARTIST” “MUSIC VIDEO OF THE YEAR” and “POP / ROCK/ ALTERNATIVE / COUNTRY ARTIST OF THE YEAR.” With a sincere love of country and pop music, and the songwriting artform, Malissa’s rise and shine is no surprise and a pioneer movein terms of redefining genre borders, as a country pop singer/songwriter emerging from a Caribbean island. Track her journey here @MalissaAlanna
Shanta Prince
Soca artiste, Shanta Prince, enrolled in the voice training and artist development workshops at two stages in her career, to prefer to record her first songs, and step by step has claimed the stage as a singing soca sensation, recording and releasing sweet singles with Bass Ink Productions. Her most recent release, a beautifully rendered sweet-soca tune entitled “Hello” flooded the airwaves during the Crop-Over 2015 season, and is a defining musical moment in time for this artist.
Roche (Rochie Griffith) - from participant of the
Roche (Rochie Griffith) – from participant of the “Y.A.R” one year training series by Indra, and was recommended as substitute tutor with the initiative, and on staff with Island Moon as performing background vocalist for several events including The Reggae Festival of Barbados, Frank Collymore Hall concert, and national Crop-Over shows. She went on to join the pop band, Nexcyx (now 2 Mile Hill) as one of 2 lead singers. Roche is currently singing around the world, as a member of the “Classic Silhouettes Duo.”
  • Sabrina Estwick, opera singer with a mesmerizing and rich voice. On stage: Richard Stoute Teen Talent Contest, Miss Barbados World Pageant, Barbados Music Awards, Caribbean Music Awards and The USA World Showcase (Las Vegas) with a certificate certificate in Cosmetology, Youth for Human Rights member and Esthetician
    Sabrina Estwick, opera singer with a rich and powerful voice. On stage: Richard Stoute Teen Talent Contest, Miss Barbados World Pageant, Barbados Music Awards, Caribbean Music Awards and The USA World Showcase (Las Vegas)

    Sarah Lloyd
    This soft-spoken sweet-singing songstress, Sarah Lloyd, enrolled in voice training / artist evolution, and trained alongside Livvi Franc. The gifted songwriter of dreamy ballads laced with simply poignant words is now also a successful entrepreneur as a professional make-up artist, specializing in weddings.
Katie-Cothran (Artist Development client) and also a member of the HoneyJam Barbados alumni.
Katie-Cothran, a diligent I.M. Artist Development participant coached for HoneyJam Barbados.
Teen Starz 2012: Vocal sessions & band rehearsal preparation. Photo (c) Teen Starz Barbados
Teen Starz 2012: Vocal sessions & band rehearsal preparation. Photo (c) Teen Starz Barbados
Vocal Fitness session at E.B.C.C.I
Vocal Fitness session at E.B.C.C.I “Summer Arts
FionaFifi Bloom,” upon completion of voice training with legendary tutor, Norma Bowen, was referred to Island Moon’s coaching services by U.S based Singer/Voice Coach, Lisa Howell. “Fifi Bloom” has released songs like, “Til The Sun Comes Up” and “Ready.”
Rehearsals with
Rehearsals with “Youth Achieving Results” for a concert. The little ones love to join their parents. Here she is assisting with sign language.
Songwriting exercise with a
Songwriting exercise with Aquila, during a “Y.A.R” session, held at N.C.F
  • Consultancy – Our client roster includes The Caribbean’s A-list artists, award-winning producers / recording studios, and booking & management agencies.
  • Community – We offer creative arts workshops as healthy instruments throughout primary/secondary schools and community groups.

Youth workshops

Tutoring the “Youth Achieving Results” initiative by the Division of Youth Affairs. This photo at N.I.F.C.A audition. The group was there to sing “Dreams,” written by Tamiesha (far right.)


“Sing & Strum” series combines training in Voice and Intro to Rhythm Guitar. This course for children is held outdoors, and begins with a light nature walk and birdwatching.