Transcription Services

There are many elements of documentation, and we are happy to share that we provide efficient services in the areas of transcription, catalogue housekeeping, and sound record documentation. Assisting in maintaining a fluent rhythm between production and documentation is at the core of what we do.

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Our small unit provides efficient, reliable, and prompt transcription services for individuals and companies in the business of managing audio and visual content. Transcription – a written or printed representation of something. AUDIO TO TEXT DIGITAL DOCUMENTATION ideal for chronicling: • SONG LYRICS • RECORDED INTERVIEWS • RADIO SHOWS • LECTURES & SPEECHES • SERMONS • PANEL DISCUSSIONS   Accurate transposition of audio to text  Structured easy to read format  Punctual delivery.

Words spoken, from a text perspective, can quickly translate into books, comprehensive reports, and research papers. Transcribed speeches and workshops simplifies the writing process and enhances the data library of your business while affording the audibly impaired community to benefit from the same information. Transcription Services can assist in bringing that book miles closer to manifestation and report to fruition.

WHEN: The completed version of your transcribed document is sent to you online in .PDF format within three 5-7 business days of confirmation. Please note, for extensive audio recordings, this timeline may be amended (with advance notice) as precision matters to us and so we take into consideration the overall duration of the content to be transcribed.

HOW: You send the audio. We listen and document in text. Required file formats: .wav, .mp3, .aiff, voice note.

All business is conducted in a smooth, efficient way by e-mail and Skype. Our small and focused data management team is here to assist you in getting strides closer to that book, blog, report and comprehensive data library content, with professional transcription services, a positive attitude, and confidentiality.


Please note: All client content is kept strictly confidential and must exclude any profanity, derogatory remarks towards any race/gender. For a quotation in preparation for your upcoming assignment or event, feel free to contact us.