Along with onstage musical presentations, coaching sessions and vocal workshops are offered.

Former vocal coaching clients include: Singers/Songwriters, Livvi Franc, Robbi Niles, Simon Pipe, Melissa Alanna, and Joaquin.

Coaching sessions are facilitated in seasons, as 1:1 lessons and online. We have a youth outreach initiative that offers Voice & Acoustic Guitar workshops.

Music a teaching tool to educate students in the area of Voice & Guitar, while equipping them with a creative means of expression. “Through the years, along with youth coaching initiatives like The Mustardseed Kids, I’ve been invited to facilitate creative workshops and motivational speeches to small groups of students on the path to overcoming behavioral difficulties and challenges in the home. It is inspiring to witness the joy and growth in children who are transitioning beyond tough situations, and willing to apply themselves to expressing their talents musically. Serving in this way gives purpose to the gifts I’ve been granted. We are here to encourage, inspire, and motivate others.”


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