Picture it – a series of smooth-running, goal-fulfilling, peacefully productive days. A rhythm that addresses the tasks at hand without rinsing all the energy out of you in the process, simply because you’ve delegated duties in order to elevate productivity.

Amidst the tempo of life, tasks can sometimes feel overwhelming. The sweet thing is, that doesn’t have to be the case. Whether you’re:

  • planning a launch, creative seminar or event
  • looking to have your biography updated and polished for an upcoming introduction, presentation or client attraction
  • ready to promote your business/event/project via voice-overs / jingles
  • interested in a Virtual Assistant who will ensure your website and blog are up to date, in a way that frees up your time and efficiently represents your business
  • traveling to Barbados and would love to save yourself the hassle of researching hotel /ground transportation rates, and making reservations on your own

You’ve come to a place where care is at the core, clients matter, and diligence is key.

Welcome to a small and focused V.O + V.A suite designed to grow and maintain your creative venture and business with your peace of mind in consideration. Here are the suite of solution services provided to and for valued clients:

Documentation 🗂Creative Project Coordination • Transcription
1. V.O narrations for app tutorials, pre-recorded customer greetings. 2. Licensing of music from our commercial sound library for your jingles/presentations 2. Sound catalogue management

Design, editing, applying S.E.O insight



Coaching: blog building. Online sessions where you’ll learn how to start and maintain your own blog, using WordPress as a platform.

image (1)
Have an assignment that will take more than a month or so to implement? Well, sweet news for ya – there’s a monthly retainer for online admin tasks, entrepreneur advertising campaigns, and social media management.

Work with us




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