You matter!

Your business deserves the attention it needs, to reach and serve the audience it’s designed for.

We assist innovative creative entrepreneurs through virtual administrative services, and offer sound solutions to align with your images and messages. You’ve come to a place where care is at the core, quality content is consistent, clients matter, and diligence is key.


The help desk  & sound library for creative entrepreneurs.

Picture it –

a series of smooth-running, goal-fulfilling, peacefully productive days.

to a rhythm that addresses the tasks at hand without missing a beat. All this is possible because you’ve delegated duties, in order to focus on creativity and elevate productivity. We assist with website/blog/catalogue management, polishing your overall presentation, and helping you build your platform on and offline.

Documentation is key.

It’s mapping method that helps to log and track activity, reach, and earnings of your musical works, and accounts for all contributors to a project, so that everyone involved is listed, and compensated when income is generated. 

Here are the services provided to our valued clients:

  • Music Licensing, V.Os, (voice-overs), Jingle composition, Sound Catalogue Management
  • Virtual Assistance: Content Management, Project Coordination, Freelance Writing
  • Bookings: Seminar rooms, Accommodation & Ground Transportation bookings
Design, editing, content writing |Design: Template research & selection. Creation of 5 main pages, keyword application, content generation (general text & 2 stock or customized photos / 1 graphic per page) Usd.$850.oo | Bds.$1,700.oo|  Book this service now | Site editing (monthly) Usd.$95. |Bds.$190.oo
Refresh your bio so it aligns with your present milestones and journey, in preparation for key introductions, online presentations, and booking opportunities








Work with us


Have an assignment that will take more than a month or so to implement? Direct payment online Monthly retainer packages available for:

Accommodation Reservations

Virtual Assistance

(blog maintenance, writing letters & press releases / email marketing, meeting confirmations): Usd.$510.oo | Bds.$1,020.oo

Are you a marathon Songwriter with a catalogue to be filed, or songs to be registered?

Catalogue Management

(filing split letters, registering songs with your relevant P.R.Os, filing sound catalogue via both Spreadsheet and printed document): Usd.375.oo| Bds.$750.oo

Whether you’re:

  • a creative entrepreneur ready to have your catalogue of works documented
  • seeking a consultation to assist you with joining a P.R.O, and registering your songs 
  • planning a launch, creative seminar or event
  • interested in having a fresh and current artiste biography, in preparation for a presentation, client attraction, and booking opportunities
  • ready to promote your business/event/project via professional voice-overs / jingles
  • interested in a Virtual Assistant who will ensure your website and blog are up to date



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