Hiya! The pages under this header are filled with empowering goodies for enterprising ladies who are on a mission to map a career directly inspired by our God-given gifts. You see, each of us is blessed with  talents and given assignments according to God’s perfect purpose in our lives, for His glory and our good.

You are God’s creation too! 

There is no question of His kindness when we count our blessings and not our problems, regardless of season, class, colour, location or circumstance.

I’d love to share something with you, sweet friend. G3 coaching – life and purpose career coaching based on our God-given gifts. When we tune into the talents we’ve been given, and nurture them, not only are they sharpened and multiplied, but our purpose becomes more clear, our attitude more grateful and peace of mind more prevalent along our daily walk, through our thoughts, words, works and deeds.

Here are some questions to answer in your lovely new journal ideally in the morning: pace yourself, but be proactive – after all, we’re talking about your calling here!

G3 Coaching
Introductory questions:

• What activities did you love as a child?

• Which, if any, of these do you still enjoy?

• Describe your ideal day: hours, venue, attire.

• What is your skill set
(personal & career)

• Do you have a designated creative work space?

• What time so you wake up, and what is the first activity?

• Do you already have a registered business/budding business idea?

• Who is your ideal client? Describe. Where are they? Where do they gather in person or online?

• What traits are you recognized for, and what skills are you most sought-after for, and does this resonate with you?

• What are the small steps you can take, starting today, to include an activity you are enthusiastic about, and to map the way forward in a more wholesome way?

Write your honest answers in your journal or notebook, breathe, and give thanks. You are on step closer to recognizing and fulfilling your calling. Be patient but proactive and moving with purpose. Every day isn’t the same; even a small step is growth. Celebrate your strides and step forward knowing you are not alone on this journey and fully equipped to fulfill your calling in service to others.

In joy,


1 Peter 4:10 (NLT)
God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another.