Vocal-CARE kit

Your voice matters, and it needs continuous CARE.

For 15 years, the same questions have been rolling in. S.O.S calls for proven solutions for things like:

  • getting beyond a nagging flu
  • overcoming sore throat naturally
  • coping with a nasal drip while prepping for recording session, and
  • breathing better for healthier living


From my experience as a lifelong vocalist and intermittent dancer/hiker, I’ve always been on a quest to learn how to treat the voice well, kick box congestion, and polish my tone.

At a certain point, I realised there was a particular set of continuous questions that came in from artistes and announcers, and this is what compelled me to compile the natural remedies and resources that I use; these have helped me take care of my voice during intense rehearsal marathons, back-to-back recordings, weekly touring, and onstage dancing while singing.

VOCAL CARE Kit for May 2018

On that note, I am happy to share that there’s now a gift box of nourishing goodies to help you fine-tune your voice on a daily basis, in the form of the : Vocal-CARE kit.

It comes in a small package filled with products to help you breathe better, tackle colds, polish your voice, and take notes. Every month, the Vocal-CARE kit” contains a different combo of goodies (at the same value), and it’s delivered to your door | sent by post.

Usd. $ 25.oo  | Bds. $50.oo

Yes, I’d like to get my “Vocal-CARE kit.”

vocal health goodies + a newsletter of vocal exercises

Yes, I’d like to get my “Vocal-CARE kit.”

The CARE kit that includes Caribbean goodies.