“Music Biz Boss” Kit

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I’m happy you’re here. Why – because it’s an indicator that you’re ready to take the reigns in boosting your creative career.

Here is the high-value package we offer to Singers, Composers, and Musicians on a path to building a thriving music career. I’ve had the honour of working with and for The Caribbean’s A-list artistes, award-winning recording studios, leading advertising agencies, and stellar music mentors in the region, while coaching aspiring artistes along the way.

Throughout the years, countless artists and music peeps have reached out for insight on things like voice-care, copyright, conference prep, registrations & royalties – even in Vocal Coaching I’ve found it essential to share knowledge on navigating the music industry, and shaping a sustainable career using strategic tools – and a whole lot of faith.

Understanding the business side of the industry can seem overwhelming to even a seasoned artist. I get it and have had my fair share of bloopers and nerve-wracking moments on my journey, so I can identify with how intimidating, awkward (and un-fun) these things can feel. But fickle feelings can be irrelevant when it comes to your creative destiny. The “Music Biz Boss Kit” is specifically designed to assist you with outlining a path forward with calm confidence, well-presented content, and consistent creativity.

But wait – there’s more! C.O.S.C.A.P members get a 15% discount on this course, so when enrolling please remember to mention that.
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On that note, I’ve compiled a “Music Biz Boss Kit” to equip Songwriters, Composers, and Session Musicians with tools in building a sustainable career through their creativity, while tuning into income streams and infrastructures already available and documenting their catalogue of works.

This power-pack of key resources is designed to educate and empower, and includes Coaching, along with Printable reading materials, Research, Writing, and Documentation services, making it an all-round combo kit for music entrepreneurs.

(Please note: Vocal Coaching is included in this course, and also available as a ‘stand-alone’ service called “Fine-Tune Your Voice InLife & OnLine.”)


3 Booklets (also available as a stand-alone combo product):

  1. “The 7 Rs Of Reaping Through Your Songwriting”
  2. “VOICE-CARE 101”
  3. “How To Prepare For A Music Conference In 5 Sure Steps”

Online Coaching (once a week audio)

12 week Voice Training workshop (online/in-person)

1 Artist Bio Upgrade (full bio & mini)

Meta data entry (50 song cap)

Song registrations

Sound Catalogue Management (your songs & relevant date in a SpreadSheet)

Package: 3 months

Fee: Bds.$3,500. | Usd.$1,750. (please note a 50% deposit is required to start this journey)

eBook Descriptions:

“How To Prepare For A Music Conference In 5 Sure Steps”

Looking to advance your music career by attending a conference?

Decided on which seminar to attend? Not sure what materials and supplies to travel with?

Here’s a NEW eBook of prep-steps designed to help you plan the journey, and navigate the process. From choosing a conference to attend and funding your trip, to preparing an E.P.K, and bookings meetings, you’ll find helpful info to equip you during the planning and ‘in-conference’ stages.

This online course (and eBook) shares a proven template that I applied firsthand while preparing for conferences like: M.I.D.E.M, S.X.S.W, C.M.E/U.N.E.S.C.O, W.S.I.S, W.O.M.E.X, and more. This info got me through the process that could have otherwise been overwhelming. Now, I’ve compiled a prep-kit through this eBook, for artistes and other music professionals who are getting ready to present their brand with clarity and build their network strategically. 

Research —> Fund —> Map —> Assemble —> Present

Get equipped with these sure steps to prepare for major music conferences, seminars, and workshops. 

“The 7 Rs of Reaping Through Your Songwriting”

This 8-day eCourse is designed for Songwriters, Composers, Producers, Publishers, and session Musicians on a path to sustainability in artistry. Learn how to value, copyright, document & register your songs and how to tap into the income streams already in motion for you and your family. Info is provided by e-mail (text & 1 coaching call). Registration is now closed for this course. New season begins in March 2018.

Did you know there are structures in place to help you monitor and collect through your music?

Do the words metadata, ISRC codes, and P.R.Os ring a bell? Do you cringe at the word copyright?

For quite some time, this was gibberish to me. I lost sooo much income that had been accumulating through the years, simply because I had no clue about any of this and was soooo busy writing and recording to find out, join a P.R.O and tune in. It took a pause for a cause, mentorship with Ice Records Ltd., “Music Publishing 101” with Berklee Online, research, hiccups along the way, and a freelance post as documentation specialist with a performers’ rights organization, to learn about keys to sustainable artistry.

•record •release •register •reach •royalties •reap •repeat

Your music has value, beyond dollars and sense. Your creativity can shape a career.

I’ve prepared this course specifically for marathon writers, composers, publishers, and session musicians, who are ready to chronicle their collection of works, and earn a passive income through active musical works.

•record •release •register •reach •royalties •reap •repeat

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Whether you’re a recording artiste, speaker; an author who makes presentations while on book tours, announcer on a radio station, or a teacher in the classroom, this resource is for you. If your voice is essential in your life and career, “VOICE-CARE 101” is the handbook for you.

This easy-to-read printable shares practical and researched insight gained from 15+ years in the music industry, recording over 1,000 background vocals & several songs, sharing the stage with big bands, coaching singers, and working alongside The Caribbean’s A-list artistes record producers, and V.O specialists. This bullet-note resource shares the sum of that knowledge gained on voice-care, with you. A handy reference tool with easy-to-access remedies, and training tips on fine-tuning the instrument that is your Voice.

Blogging Essentials

I love blogging and enjoy sharing resources with aspiring and avid bloggers. This eBook is outfitted with a handy checklist will help you outline and decide on your:

  • purpose
  • audience
  • writing rhythm & structure
  • ideal work space
  • best tools of the trade
  • reach

Yes, I’m ready to get my “Music Biz Boss Kit!”