WHAT: Vocal Fitness coaching

WHEN: June – July, 2017

WHO: Women in music / creative ladies

WHERE: Facing the sea, along the south coast

A 7-session season of Voice + Fitness coaching on the south coast of Barbados, overlooking the beautiful ocean at sunset. This series is for professional and aspiring artistes, as the most rigorous musical season of the year goes into full swing. 🌴

On the heels of the annual 1-week reggae festival to a week of Gospelfest and 12 weeks of Crop-Over harvest festival, as of the start of May, the pace turns up from here with studio sessions island-wide, followed by band rehearsals, onstage high-energy sprints, and unfortunately in many cases, a dose of the flu, bouts of exhaustion and sore throats for many artistes in national competitions. Health, peace of mind, calm focus – and of course, well-tuned and toned ‘pipes’ (let’s not forget sound checks) are key to sustaining energy and vocal wellness throughout and beyond “de season.”

Enter – Vocal Fitness.

A balanced blend of meditation music and movement to awaken and refresh the mind, voice, and body. Coach Indra, a Singer/Songwriter applies practical insight, voice training tips and dance techniques to make this coaching series a dynamic combo of vocal dexterity, visual clarity and onstage energy, specifically customized for women.

The session starts with meditation on the beauty of Creation and focused diaphragmatic breathing, then includes intense stretches, muscle-toning movement and vocal exercises. Onto the singing and movement facing the sea. 🌊

Prepare yourself for the high pace of the season, while fine-tuning The Voice and calming the mind. Get started on nurturing your vocal instrument with these FREE voice-care tips.

Get ready to tone and tune up!

1 session: Bds.$100. (Usd.$50.) | 7 session series: Bds.$500. (Usd.$250.)

Registration now open for Vocal Fitness Coaching. Payment can be made by direct bank deposit or delivery to our office in Atlantic Shores, Christ Church. Click the Contact page on this site to send a message and book your session today, or e-mail: with subject line: “tune and tone up.