Every day brings a new lesson, and the willingness to learn and share as a our natural rhythm of life, can only inspire us to grow more, learn with humility, share in generosity, and encourage each other joyfully.

Here’s a short list of the current online courses for you to choose from:

COURSES (blog/website): 1. Start and maintain your own blog. 2. Successfully launching your online biz. 3. Catalogue housekeeping: log and register your songs. Learn about the P.R.Os. 4. Stepping stones to self-publishing your book. Scroll to view music courses

When you start a course, you’ll receive any book from the reference center valued at $20. or less.  Courses are provided in a combo format of e-mails and online coaching call/video sessions. That way, we’ll get to know each other and be in tune with coaching goals and your blog vision.

Another plus is the opportunity to learn and process through both print and speech. I find this combo approach helps me to absorb info more accurately and understand how to apply it with clarity. This enhances the learning process, and will ensure we make the necessary vocal connection to envision and present your blog or business authentically; that way your personality, product, service, event and essence will shine through naturally.

A comprehensive walk-through on steps to building your own blog and launching your online business, with your quality of life in mind. You’ll also get editing insight to update, maintain and redecorate your online space.

Select a course

COURSES (music): 1. Voice Training 2. Jingle writing. ASK about our FREE VOICE-CARE E-book. We’ll send it to your inbox right away!

Learning online brings school to your home, and provides a customized approach to one-on-one training. Plus, you’ll have the info at hand to refer to beyond the coaching journey, and are welcome to connect along the way as your business/venture continues to grow and shine.



All you need is:

• to contact us to sign up for the course of your choice

• a valid email account / Skype address or Whatsapp number

• a quiet learning environment so you can tune in 100%

• a book for your notes

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