The 7Rs of Reaping Through Your songWriting

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I’m happy you’re here. Why – because it’s an indicator that you’re ready to take the reigns in boosting your creative career and shaping it into a thriving and sustainable one that aligns with the true essence of you!

There’s a new online course in town, and it’s designed to help you reap through your writing and transform your static sound catalogue into an active music library ready for new possibilities.

You’re likely here because you know there are ways to earn while making music, that don’t demand you being onstage or churning out radio hits constantly. There’s scope for your music and you’re ready to find out ways of maximizing the content you’ve already created and will continue making, by grace. Maybe you’ve pressed the panic button before, and considered giving up on your career but then a song, booking, opportunity or revelation came and it prompted the realization that yep! – you’re ready to give it your best shot – responsibly – in a focused yet fun way.

Business doesn’t have to be boring.

I believe joy can be applied to something typically considered dull – like documentation (try not to yawn)…when the PURPOSE is at the core. When you join me in this online course through video calls, we’re gonna examine the  infrastructure and avenues already in place to help you monitor and log your music, while mapping a reaping route. There are no guarantees when it comes to figures, yet there are numerous possibilities where making an honest prosperous living through music is concerned. This course is geared to bringing clarity when it comes to your catalogue and creative career, and also includes resourceful publishing info.

The struggle to balance the artistic essence with the administrative responsibilities is a real challenge. It’s not impossible, but it certainly helps to have a plan, rhythm, and structure in place to oil the conveyor belt of productivity.

We make a seamless connection between the creativity journey, and the publishing process.

The 7Rs of Reaping Through Your songWriting” is an online course to help Songwriters and Session Musicians learn about P.R.Os, royalties, and song registrations while tapping into the earning possibilities and understanding sound libraries as intellectual property. This, along with music licensing is essentially a seasonal passive income stream that can help you earn through your existing and future musical works. Your music has value.


cropped-img_2327.jpgFor many creatives, the focus is solely on production, and not necessarily publishing, which is essentially sharing content; making it available to the public. Totally understood! Creating requires time, talent / skill, and energy – and let’s face it – generally speaking, it’s a whole lot more fun than paperwork for most.

I was once faced with the reality that my output of energy far outweighed the inflow of measurable results. Then, one day amidst a chunk of studio bookings, I saw my name online. It was listed in the international music charts in a few countries (as #1 – #10), yet I barely cash in hand or in the bank at the time. Say whaaa?! Well, for one, I had been so busy writing, creating content, and overworking, the concept of registering songs, chronicling usages, tending to the admin side of the business was simply overlooked. Since then (inspired by a life re-design and priority shift) the harvest season started manifesting, the flagship song’s been remade 3 times so far, and I developed a method of managing the tides of creativity and publishing.

Documentation is key in the field of creativity. 

It is the means through which works are logged, accounted for, and assigned income for.

Here’s the high-value package we offer to Singers, Composers, and Session Musicians on a path to building a thriving music career. I’ve had the honour of working with and for The Caribbean’s A-list artistes, award-winning recording studios, leading advertising agencies, and stellar music mentors in the region, while coaching aspiring artistes along the way.

Throughout the years, countless artists and music peeps have reached out for insight on things like vocal-care, conference prep, registrations & royalties and pitching songs, I’ve found it essential to share knowledge on mapping a musical path, breathing life into songs you’ve forgotten about, and shaping a sustainable career in your niche, using strategic tools, a map – and a whole lot of faith.

Understanding the business side of music can seem overwhelming to even a seasoned artist – “the industry” is no piece o’ sweet bread.

As an indie artiste you can shape a thriving career in your niche writing and recording songs you love, while staying true to your values and beliefs.

I get it and have had my fair share of bloopers and nerve-wracking moments on my journey, so I can identify with how intimidating, awkward (and un-fun) these things can feel. But fickle feelings can be irrelevant when it comes to your creative destiny. This course and related eBooks are specifically designed to assist you with documentation insight so you can outline a clear path forward.

C.O.S.C.A.P members get a 10% discount on this course, so when enrolling please remember to mention that.

navy blue and white minimalist media kit
Resources to equip Songwriters, Composers, and Session Musicians with tools in building a sustainable career through their creativity, while tuning into income streams and infrastructures already available and documenting their catalogue of works.

This power-pack of key resources is designed to educate and empower, and includes Coaching, along with Printable reading materials, Research, Writing, and Documentation services, making it an all-round combo kit for music entrepreneurs.

2 eBooks (also available as a stand-alone digital products):

  1. “The 7 Rs Of Reaping Through Your Songwriting”
  2. “How To Prepare For A Music Conference In 5 Sure Steps” 
What you get in this training:
4 Coaching videos via live weekly webinars
2 eBooks to help you map a musical career path forward
Your catalogue questions answered via our online coaching session 
Documentation assignments as a jumpstart
Sound catalogue management tools (editable SpreadSheet, split letter template)


This course springs from a customized consultancy service provided to clients on a 1 on 1 basis, and is presented here as a course (open only 3 times a year) in a concise text-audio-video format to help you get started on the documentation-reaping side of your music career right where you are. What costs a pretty penny for customized attention in this area as a 3month package, is now compressed and delivered to your digital door as an online course.

Course Fee: Usd.$475.00 | Bds.$950.00

Please note, a non-refundable 50% deposit is required to register and book your spot. As each season of this course opens, there’s an introductory price for early registration, so if you miss it this round, be sure to follow this site so you receive updates on course start-dates firsthand.

You’re welcome to come on board as a client to work through your catalogue of content, identify reaping possibilities and define strategic, focused steps forward. I work with a select amount of clients (songwriters, aspiring authors, innovative entrepreneurs) as a publishing consultant to help them thrive through their business, so feel free to click the contact page and start the conversation while there are still some spaces available for the balance of 2018.

eBook Descriptions:

“How To Prepare For A Music Conference In 5 Sure Steps”

Looking to advance your music career by attending a conference?

Decided on which seminar to attend? Not sure what materials and supplies to travel with?

Here’s a NEW eBook of prep-steps designed to help you plan the journey, and navigate the process. From choosing a conference to attend and funding your trip, to preparing an E.P.K, and bookings meetings, you’ll find helpful info to equip you during the planning and ‘in-conference’ stages.

This online course (and eBook) shares a proven template that I applied firsthand while preparing for conferences like: M.I.D.E.M, S.X.S.W, C.M.E/U.N.E.S.C.O, W.S.I.S, W.O.M.E.X, and more. This info got me through the process that could have otherwise been overwhelming. Now, I’ve compiled a prep-kit through this eBook, for artistes and other music professionals who are getting ready to present their brand with clarity and build their network strategically. 

Research —> Fund —> Map —> Assemble —> Present

Get equipped with these sure steps to prepare for major music conferences, seminars, and workshops. 

“The 7 Rs of Reaping Through Your songWriting”

This online eCourse is designed for Songwriters, Composers, and session Musicians on a path to sustainability in artistry. Learn how to value, copyright, document & register your songs and how to tap into the income streams already in motion for you and your family. Info is provided by (video) webinars, and e-mail, as well as through eBooks. Registration is now OPEN for this course that’s available only three times a year.

Please note a non-refundable 50% deposit is necessary to register and book your spot. (Feel free to download the Zoom app in advance.)

Did you know there are structures in place to help you monitor and collect through your music?

Do the words metadata, ISRC codes, and P.R.Os ring a bell? Do you cringe at the word copyright?

For quite some time, this was gibberish to me. I lost sooo much income that had been accumulating through the years, simply because I had no clue about any of this and was soooo busy writing and recording to find out, join a P.R.O and tune in. It took a pause for a cause, mentorship with Ice Records Ltd., “Music Publishing 101” with Berklee Online, research, hiccups along the way, and a freelance post as documentation specialist with a performers’ rights organization, to learn about keys to sustainable artistry.

•record •release •register •reach •royalties •reap •repeat

Your music has value, beyond dollars and sense. Your creativity can shape a career.

I’ve prepared this course specifically for marathon writers, composers, publishers, and session musicians, who are ready to chronicle their collection of works, and earn a passive income through active musical works.


Yes, I’m ready to shape a thriving career and enroll in this course

Songwriting Highlights: #1MTV Africa, #1German reggae charts, #1 BBC 1 Xtra, #5 David Rodigan’s ‘Hot Hits’ list, #5 U.K reggae charts, #7 Billboard reggae charts, and in two indie films, “Once Upon A Time In Ichirouganaim,” & “A Caribbean Dream.” | 1 of 5 female music publishers in Barbados | “Music Publishing 101” with Berklee Online | awarded by the University of The West Indies’ Gender & Development Department for significant contribution to Caribbean music | Awarded as 1 of 3 “Women In The Arts” by Girlfriends Expo