Innovative Marketing

You matter, and your business deserves the attention it needs to reach the audience it’s designed for! Through our suite of marketing services, our clients are equipped with an advertising power-pack to introduce and promote their enterprises.

marketing muscle for entrepreneurs

We sit with you and help you formulate and map a plan that aligns with the nature, tempo, goals and essence of your business. A suite of services to help you introduce and promote your venture to your ideal audience:

~ Inviting Writing
~ Audio Alignment
~ Content Management
~ Digital Marketing


Through e-mails, calls, and video meetings, we’ll first get acquainted, then outline a communication schedule and begin customizing content to present & promote your business.

     What you get:

Production of one 30sec. commercial ~ including:

  • scriptwriting
  • V.Os (voice-over)
  • background music

Letter/Blog post writing (2 per month)

Blog StartUp (3 pages: About, Services, Contact) – monthly basic maintenance

Online 15 min. marketing meetings (once a week via Zoom)

Podcast launch (audio editing and uploads to your own channel + descriptive text)

Blogging Essentials” eBook

Fee: Bds.$7,195. | Usd.$3,597.50

Duration: 3 months

(please note, you can opt to pay in full or as 7 installments of Bds.$1,000. to commence conceptualization and production of content for your business. To request the fee for any one (1) or alternate combo of these services, simply send a message using the form below, to let us know your goals, timeline, and how we can assist.