Sound library


Finding the right music to support, highlight and set the tone for a series of visuals or specific event is key.

From light beats with sprinkled melodies and tropical jams, to bright instrumentals, you’ll find music here that synchronizes with stories and journeys to remember.

Acoustic folk songs, inspirational piano ballads, country, and percussive jams to align with your story, along with a library of authentic tropical birdsongs, sea sounds, raindrops, streams and more.

"Words that inspire; melodies to remember."

A resource pool of songs and sounds to align with images and stories. Bright music  for  business commercials, onstage events, documentaries, films and online presentations.

What kind of sound or songs are you looking for to complement the visuals you’re working on? We’re here to serve by supplying a musical thread that connects images and enhances moments to remember. Send a message with your request, project overview, budget (where applicable), music time-slot duration, theme, and timeline.

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A special highlight is a collection of authentic tropical nature sounds. These include:

  • birdsongs
  • sea & stream sounds
  • raindrops
  • forest sounds 

Your very own theme song!


S.X.S.W, M.I.D.E.M, W.O.M.E.X, W.S.I.S, C.M.E/U.N.E.S.C.O, C.O.S.C.A.P’s “Women In Music” seminar, HoneyJam Barbados‘ Songwriting Publishing Panel


Music serves as a thread that weaves images together, and is a subtle sonic carpet for the main highlight – the message in the story.

Title: “My All” (piano & percussion) click to listen


Title: “The Dawning” (acapella) click to listen




Title: “Spice Tea”
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A song is a melodic affirmation.













It’s time to start declaring and celebrating the essence of your business. Let’s add music to align with your message!

Contact us with your project or venture, and we’ll gladly send you sound clips to make your selection from. We represent songs of thanksgiving, encouragement, trial to triumph, love, community, social responsibility, celebration, and perseverance.




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