Along an afternoon walk

CREATION LIVING blog shares images and audio of nature. It’s also a space where I celebrate sisters who love creation and enjoy sharing encouragement, homemade recipes, gardening journeys and healthy living insight with other women.

Quality of life matters to me, as I’m sure it does to those of you who have known seasons of struggle, patterns of overworking and pressures of any kind of pain.

A walk on the beach

I’ve found that prayer, peace of mind, joy and gratitude are priceless, and essential to maintaining a healthy, hope-filled attitude and approach to personal and career life in general. It also helps us to be lighter and brighter in the way we interact with others, and enhancing our wellbeing.

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I hope you enjoy my blog and are inspired to share posts you enjoy with family and friends.

There was a point when the pace of my life was so hectic, that I was so focused on business and completing a trillion things to do, that even the thought of cooking or gardening was exhausting, and actually – a bit intimidating. One thing that always helped me be rejuvenated while zooming from

one appointment to another, was time at the beach.

Cherish the many gifts we are blessed with: taking time to experience and savour serenity in nature.

Now, though still working mainly from home, I make sure to stay true to the moments that truly matter: enjoying  birdsongs in the morning, daily fishing , going for nature walks and hikes each week instead of “every now and then” – really cherishing the gifts in Creation we’re blessed with.

When one of my closest friends left this earth through horrible circumstances on August 20th, 2015, I had no idea how I’d ever be inspired to smile, sing and be enthusiastic again. Little by little, one day at a time, gratitude was refreshed, my faith grew stronger and I was compelled (as I am now) to live with a higher sense of purpose, a magnified faith in God who IS LOVE, an attitude of gratitude, focused on giving it my all, and nurturing joy in my soul regardless of the season. Being present – and thankful.

God bless you!

I hope this blog shares some hope and sunshine ☀️ with you and raindrops of inspiration and encouragement. Thanks for joining the journey!