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Album of birdsongs

🎶 💦 ☀️ 🌺 🌲 🌊 Curating a library of 100 authentic tropical Creation sounds featuring: 🐦 •birdsongs🌊 •sea sounds 💦 •raindrops 🐑 •farm life 🌴 •nature walks ⛵️ •boat travels is a joy.
This album shares 20mins of beautiful birdsongs recorded in Barbados, and is perfect for meditation, relaxation, and inclusion in therapeutic workshops. Now available in digital format (.mp3 to your inbox @ Usd.$5.) or as a CD (by📮@ Usd.$11.) FREE for schools, children’s homes and homes for the differently-able and elderly.

 Many of these are already online for free listening. Supporting by purchasing a digital/physical album assists with continuing to document and share these healthy and healing sounds for all. 

Documenting and sharing the Creator’s gift of Creation sonically with joy. 

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Vocal Fitness Coaching 

It’s here! Voice + Fitness coaching on the south coast of Barbados, overlooking the beautiful ocean at sunset. Next season starts this September. Registration open until August 15th, 2017.🌴

A balanced blend of meditation – music and movement to awaken and refresh the mind, voice, and body, facing the sea.🌊 Prepare for the high pace of the season, while fine-tuning The Voice and calming the mind. Get ready to tone and tune up!

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music publishing


Inspirational indie sound content for moving images. V.O narrations and coaching. 
Producimos contenido de sonido y proporcionamos servicios de consultoría para las mujeres en las industrias creativas. bienvenida a nuestra oficina en línea