Founder & President of Island Moon Music, Indra Rudder

Hi there, and welcome.

I’m a Singer/Songwriter and indie publisher, born and living in sunny Barbados. Along with composing songs, helping musicians and entrepreneurs fine-tune their online presentations, document their catalogue of content, and blog their journey is at the core of my business.

Island Moon Group started in 2000, as a coaching academy to aspiring artistes and mobile vocal studio to The Caribbean’s A-list artistes, award-winning producers, and advertising studios. In time, and with a whole lot of faith and works, this blossomed into I.M – a VA|Content Management agency, and Island Moon Music – the publishing arm. Investing in a home studio while on tour in 2008, and enrolling in “Music Publishing 101” with Berklee Online both contributed to the boost of the publishing element of my business in its first year of operation, through international chart highlights. I enjoy writing songs of encouragement, hope, social responsibility and inspiration, while equipping marathon songwriters and entrepreneurs through services and resources designed to create sustainable joyful, thriving careers.


I sing at milestone events, as well as with Spice & Co. band, and have been invited to join musicals and stage productions including; “Sobie,” “It So Happen Suite,” “Mirror Mirror – Show Me A Hero,” “Let’s Celebrate” and “Bajana.” Featured onstage in the areas of song, dance, poetry, theatre, and visual art. Along with Singer/Songwriter/Filmmaker J.Life, songs produced in Spain, France, Germany, and Sweden are in the atmosphere, and along with executive producer Media House, we launched “Once Upon A Time In Ichirouganaim” film that won a few titles at the Barbados Film & Visual awards.


Music expos attended: M.I.D.E.M (France), W.S.I.S (Switzerland), S.X.S.W (Texas), W.O.M.E.X (Denmark), C.M.E/U.N.E.S.C.O (Jamaica), C.O.S.C.A.P’s “Women In Music” (Barbados), HoneyJam Barbados Songwriting/Publishing workshop (Barbados)

A little about everyday me (not because I'm that interesting, but because accolades don't actually describe the essence of a person):


I enjoy blogging, cooking, reading, the beach, guitar, journaling, playing with my jack russells, travel, fishing, nature walks, gardening, webinars, seminars, and participating in visual art exhibitions.

Favourite finger-food: Trini ‘doubles’ | Chopsticks: sushi

African, Indigenous Kalinago, Scottish, and sprinkles of Caribbean roots. An enthusiastic online student with COMPEL TrainingFirst 5 girl, and overcomer of challenges, by grace. Big heart for reaching out to others in need. Sharing an inspiring conversation with a cherished friend or client, over a hot drink or healthy meal is something that warms my heart. I’m preparing to launch “SPRING” Vision Board Workshop in April, and an E.P early in 2018!