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Welcome to an innovative virtual assistant agency with a major in music licensing, located in Barbados. We serve innovative creative entrepreneurs and organizations, by ensuring the behind the scenes duties of business are well taken care of. I.M provides a suite of specialty services designed to align with people and brands that focus on their unique gifts, and stand out from the crowd. Through producing online written content for website/blog management, catalogue housekeeping, creative project coordination, and reservation bookings, we represent our clients with integrity, care, and diligence. Of course, there’s a song for every occasion, so I.M is here for your sonic needs too. Looking for songs to align with your story, professional VO services, or content to sync with an upcoming production or presentation, the next paragraph shares a solution. 
Our in-house sound library aligns original content for commercials and films
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Hi, I’m Indra. It means a lot that you took the time to visit. For much of my musical journal as a Singer/Songwriter, I was so focused on creating content that I neglected administration. While I was running a 24-hr vocal studio and working with The Caribbean’s A-list artistes and record producers, the inflow of funds wasn’t matching the output of energy, simply because documentation wasn’t a part of my business vocabulary, and there was no timeline for being paid for the most part. I finally did the research, training, and registrations, got equipped and since then, assist creative entrepreneurs in making the key connection between creativity & documentation, to build a better, stronger business. How can I be of service to you today?

For many, the words “pace” is often associated with swiftness and “the hustle.” Nowadays some of us are even rushing to relax which defeats the purpose of slowing the tempo of life in the first place; still, deep within we know it’s essential at key points during the day for our wellbeing, health and peace of mind. Our state of mind also influences the level of the work we do. So, how can this be done while managing daily tasks and while planning projects that demand attention, time and energy? The answer is in the assignment of time and the delegation of duties.

It is possible to manage a growing business, plan a major event, and enjoy a holiday while ensuring work tasks are taken care of in the process. Even vacations take energy to plan and prepare for, but that no longer is an issue – read on to find out why. I’d like to share some encouragement with you through a suite of services designed to propel your business forward:


  • Online assistance with otherwise tedious tasks to assist with the management of your creative business, website, blog launch, or event.
  • Content generation, and freelance writing services.  
  • Presentation of your business through VOs, pre-recorded customer service business telephone greetings & app tutorials.
  • On-land assistance with accommodation reservations, using existing data from hotel/guest house/b&b rate research.

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I am a member of COMPEL Training