“Fine-Tune Your Voice” – coaching for Speakers & Vocalists

Is your voice key in your career?

Are you a public Speaker, Vocalist, Podcaster, Teacher, Poet, Facilitator, Announcer, TV/Web Show/Event Host, or preparing for a big presentation?

Wouldn’t it be great to actually not cringe when hearing your voice through a microphone or headphones, and to be at a place where you trust your voice to connect with the message your brain sends?

Introducing a course designed especially for you!

Hi there! I’m Indra. Helping Speakers and Vocalists nurture their voice, and fine-tune their message online is a big part of how I serve.

The more you use our voice, the more care it needs. Along with staying hydrated, paying attention to how we’re breathing, humming, and getting adequate rest, there are many tips and training techniques to help you get acquainted with the voice in general – then your voice in focus.

Join a mini-vocal coaching session here

Align your voice with your vision, to deliver your message to your audience effectively.

Through the years, I’ve had the honour and assignment of coaching several singers, public speakers, and poets in the art of understanding, finding, developing, nurturing and polishing the voice, and the results have been wonderful!

Clients have overcome challenges like: stage fright and trembling ‘pipes’, pitch & breathing problems, speech impediments, and even tone-deafness (which I’m convinced is not permanent – there’s hope! It starts with believing. )

Along with coaching, you’ll receive a copy of the VOCAL-CARE 101” eBooklet as a .PDF in your inbox. By the way, you don’t have to be enrolled in the course to request this easy-to-read, bullet-point practical resource to help you breathe better, tackle issues like sinus problems and flu bugs, and nurture your voice from the inside out.

Includes natural remedies found in fruits and fresh herbs, warm-up exercises, while sharing insight on foods to avoid or minimize especially when preparing for a speaking or singing event. This eBooklet is not intended to provide or override medical advice, but is based on proven practices, techniques, and plant-based solutions that have helped me throughout my music career of 15+ years, to record 1,000 background vocals, endure marathon rehearsals, numerous V.O sessions and touring journeys, with very few vocal issues (thank God) – and from a place of calm proactivity. After receiving loads of calls consistently, during vocal emergencies by both aspiring and A-list artists, I decided to compile my research, run it by some key artists in Barbados, and share the info with you through the “VOCAL-CARE 101” eBook.
From Wednesday September 5th until November, I’ll be offering coaching specifically for Vocalists, Speakers, Poets, and Authors (preparing for book tours and interviews), Teachers, Podcasters, Djs, Workshop Facilitators, and TV/Web Show Hosts.

Where: In-person ~ office/studio in St. James| Online: Skype, Zoom

Additional Bonus class when you enroll in the course:
1 session with Certified Life Coach, Janelle James.

Who enrolls in this course:

Many clients are referred by music producers to prepare their voice for upcoming recording sessions or onstage moments, several are artistes or radio announcers interested in best practices to overcome challenges that can come from rigorous vocal work, some are focused on learning about certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils as effective vocal-care and wellness solutions, and others enroll to get equipped for school talent contests and showcases like HoneyJam Barbados.

What you get: (this course is also available in an online format)
Day 1: (2hr training)
1hr in-person Breath Work & Vocal Coaching session with Indra
1 hr in-person session with Life Coach, Janelle James
3 online vocal coaching video sessions
1 Vocal-CARE kit (nourishing goodies to help you take care of your voice & breathe better)
2 eBooks “The 7 Rs of Reaping Through Your songWriting” and “How To Prepare For A Music Conference In 5 Sure Steps”
+ email support on how to build your social media platforms to reflect your authentic artistry.
Day: Tuesdays / Thursdays (Simply select which of these two days is better for you, whether 11am morning session or between 2:30-5:30pm for the afternoon sessions.)

fee: Bds.$695.oo | Usd.$337.50

Yep, sign me up please!

Through the breathing, gratitude, and visualization exercises that open and close each session, speakers recognize a gift for writing poetry; singers start to feel confident about trying to write lyrics; poets begin hearing and crooning melodies in key – and together they inspire me by how determined they are to explore the length and breadth of their granted gifts, and how brave they are to do the many vocal exercises that can seem a bit awkward at first, yet soon turn out to be fun and helpful.

On that note, register today and get equipped with technical and practical tips to help you fine-tune your voice, grow as an artiste and deliver your musical message to your audience with clarity, diligence, and calm confidence.

Yes, I’m ready to Fine-Tune My Voice 



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