If your business were a song, what would it sound like?

A theme song for your brand!

Would it be:

  • up-tempo and bright
  • slow, serene and light
  • designed to make people dance
  • simple and anthemic

Here’s where Island Moon Music comes in.

listen to audio by clicking here

Composing and licensing sound content for jingles to launch businesses is our jam!

From writing scripts for your infomercials and PSAs, to coming up with lyrics and melodies to present your vision, event, service or product, we design or align the sound to suit and share your story.

Jingles | Voice-Over narrations


Do you have a favourite song?

Chances are, if you do, you know most of the lyrics, some of the vocal ad libs, signature dance moves it inspires, and most of all – the melody and artist. The same goes for an anthem for your business.

Music is universal language that:

  1. brings people with similar taste together

  2. shares a particular message in a way that compels an audience to make sonic and visual associations

  3. creates memories that resonate way beyond the moment a song is played 

Whether you’re preparing to launch a startup business, an innovative entrepreneur on a promotional drive, a documentary producer looking for sound content to align with your project, or affiliated with an organization ready to advertise, feel free to visit the Music page and select a sound from the library that aligns with your message or request a customized jingle to deliver your message.

Give your business the gift of a song, and align your vision with a melody to remember.

What music does your ideal audience like?

Take a moment to jot down 3 brief sentences that describe the essence of your business, what it offers, and how it serves. Do you have a tag line or slogan? Those words are keys and clues that’ll help us compose chords or align your message with existing music from our sound library of original and administered content.


Format: You’ll receive audio file/s for your commercial via DropBox, wetransfer.com, or e-mail in both .wav and .mp3 formats and scripts as .PDFs

View sample of clients



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