Align your career with your ideal rhythm of life

Helping creative entrepreneurs fine-tune their online presence, document their catalogue of content, and connect with their audience, is a big part of how we serve. Music is how we celebrate.

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Starting and building a business is no easy task, and though managing a growing or major company can be exhilarating, the list of necessary “to-dos” involved in the daily rhythm of operations can seem overwhelming. Even for creative entrepreneurs whose businesses often sprout from enjoyable gifts, endurance is key and it’s not always a sweet walk in the park. Sometimes you’d rather spend hours on end in studio recording, designing, or painting, than updating a bio, building a website, or ensuring you’re keeping track of assignments, income and expenses.

What’s your ideal rhythm of life, and does your business align with that? There’s no right answer for this; we are all on path of growth and some businesses are designed to be more demanding than other, time-wise. Would you like more time to:

  • share with family and friends
  • travel
  • write that book you’ve been meaning to

Remembering the purpose of your business and your desired quality of life, is essential to designing the structure of it.

Founder & President, Indra

I can definitely relate to the exhilaration that comes from doing what you love, and overworking for years without knowing it. From juggling 8 studio sessions a day to 14-hr rehearsals and 5 gigs a night, I can totally understand the drive that fuels people who are passionate about their work. Now, I realise the value that quality of life has over quantity of tasks, and have re-designed my business to suit, while assisting others with developing structures to better manage their to-do lists, and through workshops designed around building fulfilling lives.”

One day, I had a wake-up call that compelled me to re-evaluate the design and pace of my life, de-clutter, and shape a sustainable career that aligns with my ideal quality and rhythm of life.

Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 8.51.07 PM

For fast paced businesses, efficient task delegation can ‘free up’ a large portion of time, relieve pressure, and fuel your venture with a refreshed energy and complementing skill set.

Here’s where we come in. Through Virtual Assistance, Content Management, and Project Coordination, we equip creative entrepreneurs with administrative and documentation support, while licensing our sound content for sync purposes.

Your work has value.

Chronicling your work helps remind you of how far you’ve come, generates reference content for your business archives, provides key info to clients, colleagues & investors, and is a method of mapping and monitoring your growth.

There’s a thread that leads from creativity to documentation, and from there to harvest.

We help you manage your online office, and present your message through:

sound: indie songs & instrumentals

writing: biographies, one sheets, press releases, letters, email marketing text, website / blog content, business commercial scripts



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