e-Course: “The 7 Rs of Reaping Through Your Songwriting”


Registration for this season is now closed.  Course re-opens April  2018

This 8-day eCourse is designed for Songwriters, Composers, Producers, Publishers, and session Musicians on a path to sustainability in artistry. Learn how to value, copyright, document & register your songs and how to tap into the income streams already in motion for you and your family. Info is provided by e-mail (text & 1 coaching call). Starts Wednesday, January 10th 2018. Registration is now closed for this course.

Hey there! Did you know there are structures in place to help you monitor and collect through your music?

Do the words metadata, ISRC codes, and P.R.Os ring a bell?

For quite some time, this was gibberish to me. I lost sooo much income that had been accumulating through the years, simply because I had no clue about any of this and was soooo busy writing and recording to find out, join a P.R.O and tune in. It took a pause for a cause, mentorship, “Music Publishing 101” with Berklee Online, research, hiccups along the way, and a freelance post as documentation specialist with a performers’ rights organization, to learn about keys to sustainable artistry.

•record •release •register •reach •royalties •reap •repeat

I’m here to share this insight with you now, on how to document your songs, fill out / submit split letters, and tap into long term income streams designed to take care of songwriters, composers, and session musicians – with integrity.

I’ve prepared this course specifically for marathon writers, composers, publishers, and session musicians, who are ready to chronicle their collection of works, and earn a passive income through active musical works.

•record •release •register •reach •royalties •reap •repeat


“The 7Rs of Reaping Through Songwriting” online course is an 8 day text & coaching call program that provides insight on copyright, P.R.O operations & selection, song registration, song shareholder role descriptions, and tapping into multiple income streams generated from your sonic works. This course will shed light on the administrative side of music, and equip you with a step-by-step road map to reaping through your songwriting.

Registration for this course is now closed until new season starts, 2018. Click the contact page to pre-register for next season.


Click here to find out about the services offered (monthly packages available by retainer.)


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