Free e-book for Speakers, Singers, Djs & Announcers


Whether you’re a recording artiste, speaker; an author who makes presentations while on book tours, announcer on a radio station, or a teacher in the classroom, this resource is for you. If your voice is essential in your life and career, you’ll want to grab your FREE copy of my new e-book, “VOICE – CARE 101.”

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This e-book shares practical and researched insight gained from 15+ years in the music industry, recording over 1,000 background vocals & several songs, sharing the stage with big bands, coaching singers, and working alongside The Caribbean’s A-list artistes record producers, and V.O specialists. This e-book shares the sum of that knowledge gained on voice-care, with you. Presented in an easy-to-read  format, “VOICE-CARE 101” serves the creative community, as a handy reference tool designed to equip you with training techniques, easy-to-access remedies, and tips on fine-tuning the instrument that is your Voice.

Yes, send me a FREE copy of the “VOICE-CARE 101” e-book

Is your voice a key in your career?

Then, this FREE e-book is designed for you.

Send my copy, please.


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