Your story on paper, and online.

Your story matters, and it deserves to be presented with care, integrity, and precision.

Music Biography writing
Hey there: when last did you have your biography updated?
We can get so busy planning, growing and making strides, that a seemingly small yet important task like editing and upgrading a bio slips by. Months and years can pass until it’s a challenge to remember milestones along the way, or we may start to feel our celebrations are irrelevant.
I completely understand, and have to schedule my own seasonal updates too; sometimes it’s tough to do this for yourself and much lighter to have someone take care of what can seem a tedious or overwhelming task. Here’s where we come in.
As a creative entrepreneur, your business story is often related to your life journey. We can make that key connection and tell your story in words that boost your product, venture, or business with integrity. I’ll do the creative detective work for you, track your journey and assist you in presenting your former, present and future celebrations online on paper, in print, and online.
The confidence many entrepreneurs need to apply is sometimes mistaken for arrogance, but we recognize the humble side of the visionary in you, and are aware that it’s often much easier to have someone who understands your mindset, is a good listener, enjoys research, and is willing to write about your strides and celebrations on your behalf.
It’s time to upgrade that biography to upload on your website and social media platforms. Have your creative reference portfolio ready in hand and online to share with clients, investors, and collaborators, for present and future opportunities.
There are 2 models available for you to choose from (furnished in Ms Word format, and as an info- graphic for your social media platforms):
    1. Mini Bio: 2 solid paragraphs outlining your songs and giving a summary description with your online links/direct contact info
    2. Full page (8.5X11″) Biography: This format gives a comprehensive overview of your career journey (inspiration /works / production / education / awards / events.) You may be asked to provide a quote to embed in the body of text. The photo of your choice will also be attached in digital document.

Please note, price goes up as of January 3rd, 2018

Biogaphy formats
Full & Mini $125.00 USD
Full page $95.00 USD
Mini $27.50 USD
Recorded Bio Narration $145.00
 Upgrade your biography


There’s nothing like a review of your own biography, to become re-acquainted with your career journey through time, effort, energy, passion, and vision. It’ll give you a fresh perspective, and help you gain insight on next steps, while introducing or presenting your business with clarity, and forward-focus.

Let’s get started on sharing your story!

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This is my first time working with Indra/Island Moon in a non-musical setting and I must say she is more than capable when it comes to press kit material for musicians. Her service is very efficient and she knows the right questions to ask so that she can help her clients in the most appropriate way. The best service is one where the provider takes the initiative and believes in their work and that is what Island Moon provides.” – JOMO SLUSHER (Trombonist, Berkeley Student)


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