Songs for your Story!


Finding the right music to align with specific visuals is key! 

Music is a thread that weaves images together. It’s a sonic carpet for the main highlight – the story.

Words to inspire; melodies to remember

It’s time to start declaring and celebrating the essence of your business – in song! Music is a proven means of sharing a message, connecting people through a universal language, enhancing or translating a moment, and making memories that resonate.

  • Ready to promote your business through a Voice-Over or customized jingle?
  • Sourcing indie songs, and tropically-infused beats to sync with a project or onstage event?
  • Looking for a professional to write your promotional material?
  • Need a narration for an app tutorial, or business line customer greeting?


What kind of sound are you looking for to align with the visuals you’re working on?

Here’s where we come in…

Click here to listen to some songs and instrumentals; make a selection. Then, send a message with your request, project overview, budget (where applicable), music time-slot duration, theme, and production timeline. You’ll receive a prompt reply (Include the subject line: Music Licensing) with info for a smooth-licensing journey.



Music that synchronizes with stories and journeys to treasure and remember.


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