The key connection between creativity and publishing

For many creative entrepreneurs, the struggle to balance the artistic essence with the administrative responsibilities is a real challenge. It’s not impossible, but it certainly helps to have a plan, rhythm, and structure in place to oil the conveyor belt of productivity. We make a seamless connection between the creativity journey, and the publishing process.

cropped-img_2327.jpgFor many creatives, the focus is solely on production, and not necessarily publishing, which is essentially sharing content; making it available to the public. Creating requires time, talent/skill, and energy.

I was once faced with the reality that my output of energy far outweighed the inflow of measurable results. Then, one day amidst a chunk of appointments, I saw my name online. It was listed in the international music charts in a few countries, yet I barely cash in hand or in the bank at the time. What happened? Well, for one, I had been so busy writing, creating content, and overworking, the concept of registering songs, chronicling usages, tending to the administrative side of the business was simply overlooked. Since then, the harvest season started manifesting, and I developed a method of managing the tides of creativity and publishing. Documentation is key in the field of creativity. It is the means through which works are logged, accounted for, and assigned income for.

Here’s where we come in, through a business of service that offers creative entrepreneurs a suite of key services:

  • creative project coordination
  • website development and blog managament
  • writing services (biographies, press releases, letters, C.Vs)
  • catalogue housekeeping
  • V.O narrations, consultations

No need to pause your creative flow, or feel overwhelmed with balancing the tasks at hand. Our small agency is here to assist you in the areas of administration, documentation, and project coordination.

On that note, have a look around the online office, select a suite of services and feel free to share the ways we can serve you. We aim to assist your creative business or venture with integrity, diligence and care.

Ready and willing to equip creative entrepreneurs with coordination, presentation, and documentation in preparation for harvest success. Step by step services along your journey, via e-mail and video chat. Let’s meet online and get started today!



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