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I had no idea that a childhood "career," at 4 years old, as a detective – matched with a love for stationery and reading a book a day, would eventually blossom into a career as a freelancer and Virtual Assistant.

Even then, keeping files was a practice; after all, our neighbourhood detective duo had to keep track of our list of 'suspects' and cases to solve. Then, as a recording artist/songwriter with Ice Records Ltd, a label owned by a celebrity and life-long mentor and friend, I was given the responsibility of serving as transcriptionist – again with the documentation. I even (unintentionally), became a publisher, and now joyfully offer a consultancy service through my business, for women authors on the blogging and self-publishing journey.

Amidst all the musical ventures, I found myself studying Event Planning, working as a Travel Agent for a leading company, producing an entertainment directory for an agency, then serving the creative community as a Documentation Specialist with the resident music copyright and royalty collection society, managing the library, registering songs, listening through radio logs, and taking care of e-mail / phone correspondence for seminars. Who would've thought that an island girl with a love for the studio, hiking and the sea would love paperwork quite so much, but I did – and still do! It's a big part of how I fulfill the duties my cherished clients entrust me with, so I'm thankful for every experience and each mentor along my life and career path.

Documentation, research, service, and communication have always been at the core, and it's with joy and thanks that I'd love to welcome you to my freelancer/VA agency and invite you to have a look around the online office to share the ways we can serve you and assist your business or venture with integrity, diligence and care.



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