Blog building & blossoming

Sweet – you made it!

A new season is here, and along with it, a fresh coaching series for women with a calling to blog.

When our business is designed around our belief, the desire to offer a solution to an expressed need in our communities, we are more peacefully productive, consistently inspired, and purpose-filled.

•Would you like to start a blog and share your gifts to inspire, educate empower or connect with others?
• Do you have a business you’d love to present and operate efficiently online? Would you like a coach who will meet 1:1 with you online and walk you through the vision, nuts-and-bolts, and launch process?

Here to equip and encourage you.


I started my blog in March of 2013, and it continues to be one of the joys in my life. What started as one page sharing images and sounds of Creation, blossomed into a comprehensive journal of thanksgiving and online eco & biz reference bookstore, with an global audience . The seed that initiated this journey was (and still is), an appreciation for God’s handiwork seen in creation, a sense of growing gratitude, and a calling to share the natural beauty of the island through words, images, and audio.

Sharing talents and knowledge, whether through a blog or business, is a wonderful way of thanksgiving and utilizing your gifts to serve, inspire, empower others.


Already have a blog? That’s fabulous! Here’s a 7-step checklist to encourage you on your journey.

Here are some prompts to consider when preparing to start a blog.

• What time do you wake up, and what part of the day is your mind most alert?

• Will you be blogging from your desktop, laptop, or phone? Would it help to jot down a bullet-list outline in a notebook beforehand?

• Do you have a preferred space to focus and blog quietly? You might like to write while in bed, on the balcony, in a library, or at a nearby cafe.

• Do you have a post online, poem on a paper, or message in your heart that inspires you to expand on? Is there a topic you excel in that you’d like to share with others?

These are some of the questions we’ll go through together on your way to blogging. 1:1 sessions online or as a group workshop. We’ll walk through the steps of blogging, and you’ll receive a checklist, along with 3 introductory graphics to decorate your new / refreshed online space. E-mail 📧 to get started.

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