Building a platform through a blog

Sweet – you made it!

Have a passion for writing and a calling to blog?

•Would you like to start a blog and share your gifts to inspire, educate empower or connect with others?
• Do you have a business you’d love to present and operate efficiently online? Would you like a coach who will meet 1:1 with you online and walk you through the vision, nuts-and-bolts, and launch process?

Here to equip and encourage you through online coaching and the WriteOn workshop for bloggers scheduled for March 2018.

I started my blog early 2013, and it continues to be one of the joys in my life. What started as 1 page with images and sounds recorded along nature hikes and fishing adventures, blossomed into a comprehensive journal of thanksgiving and an online eco & biz bookstore, with an global audience . The seed that initiated this journey was (and still is), an appreciation for God’s handiwork seen in creation, a sense of growing gratitude, and a calling to share the natural beauty of Barbados. I had no idea when I started, how the blog would grow into a community that shares encouragement and highlights other women who serve and shine through their gifts.

Sharing talents and knowledge, whether through a blog or business, is a way of nurturing and utilizing your gifts to serve, inspire, and equip others.

img_2141Here are some prompts to consider when preparing to start an online writing platform.

• What time do you wake up, and what part of the day is your mind most alert?

• Will you be blogging from your desktop, laptop, or phone? Would it help to jot down a bullet-list outline in a notebook beforehand?

• Do you have a preferred space to focus and blog quietly? You might like to write while in bed, on the balcony, in a library, or at a nearby cafe.

• Do you have a post online, poem on a paper, or message in your heart that inspires you to expand on? Is there a topic you excel in that you’d like to share with others?

These are some of the questions we’ll go through together on your way to blogging. 1:1 sessions online or as a group workshop. We’ll walk through the steps of blogging, and you’ll receive a checklist, along with 3 introductory customized graphics to decorate your new / refreshed online space. E-mail 📧 to get started.

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“Blogging Essentials for online writers” eBook



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