Blogging Essentials online course

Sweet – you made it!

Have a passion for writing, message to share, and a calling to blog? 

A lot of women have shared their goal to start a blog, and expressed the hesitation they feel when it comes to “knowing when to take the first step,” being clear about what to write about, and finding enough topics to share consistently on.

Being a blogger requires proactivity and gusto – we all have doubts from time to time, but those aren’t to be fed and fueled. Sis, if you’re called to share a message…and you believe that message can help, encourage, or educate others, a blog is a fabulous resource for connecting, sharing, and building a community along the way.

Online course + ebook (2)
You’re about to embark upon an online writing journey where you can work from home – or anywhere for that matter! 

•Would you like to start a blog and share your gifts to inspire, educate empower or connect with others around the globe?
• Are you compelled to share a message springing from an area of expertise, interest, challenge you overcame, or cause you’re concerned / passionate about?

Would you like a coach who will meet with you online and walk you through the vision, nuts-and-bolts, content mapping, and launch process?

Here to equip and encourage you through “Blogging Essentials” online course.

I started my blog in March 2013. What started as 1 static page with content recorded along nature hikes and fishing adventures, has blossomed into an active online writing hub with a growing global audience, guest posts and a podcast. I had no idea when I started, how the blog would grow into a platform that shares encouragement and entrepreneurial insight while highlighting  women who shine through their gifts and cool venue reviews.

Sharing knowledge and a message, whether through a blog or business, is a way of nurturing and utilizing your gifts to serve, inspire, and equip others. Blogging also helps you sharpen your writing skills, as you create content consistently.

img_2141Here are some prompts to consider when preparing to start an online writing platform.

• What time do you wake up, and what part of the day is your mind most alert?

• Will you be blogging from your desktop, laptop, or phone? Would it help to jot down a bullet-list outline in a notebook beforehand?

• Do you have a preferred space to focus and blog quietly? You might like to write while in bed, on the balcony, in a library, or at a nearby cafe.

• Do you have a post online, poem on a paper, or message in your heart that inspires you to expand on? Is there a topic you excel in that you’d like to share with others?

Blogging Essentials” is a WordPress oriented course that includes:

  1. Blogging EssentialseBook (as a printable resource for reference)
  2.  3 video lessons walking you through the blog-mapping-and-building process (live weekly webinars)
  3. audio clips (by e-mail)
  4. Writing prompt assignments, to help you prepare 20 posts in advance
  5. Insight into keyword applications to increase visibility without pomp
  6. a 3 month editorial calendar template so you can map your writing/blogging schedule
  7. tips on how to promote your blog and build your audience via social media, in a way that aligns with your character


The fee to enroll in “Blogging Essentials” and launch your online writing platform is now:

Usd.$247. | Bds.$494.

Register today, as this course is open only a few times a year.

To make it easier for you, there are 4 payment options:

  1. PayPal
  2. Direct bank deposit
  3. Western Union (be sure to include the wiring fee into the overall course fee, so there’s no extra cost to you to sign up.)
  4. In-person payment (our office is on the west coast of Barbados.)

This training for women who aspire to write and share online focuses on:

  • identifying what you’re called to share
  • creating content in advance – building your topic list
  • finding your writing “voice”
  • identifying and appreciating your ideal audience
  • choosing a template, mapping your categories and setting your writing rhythm
  • step-by-step blog building – adding posts & pages + assigning keywords
  • prepping, posting, publishing & promoting your first blog post

Yes, I’m ready to enroll!

“Blogging Essentials for online writers” eBook



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