Fine-Tune Your Voice inLife & OnLine and shape a thriving career through your gifted creativity.

Welcome to the ideal CoachingContent Management agency for creative visionaries, music entrepreneurs, and innovative organizations. Your voice matters, and your message deserves to be designed, presented and marketed with integrity and innovation.

Hi there, my name is Indra and I’m the founder and president of Island Moon – a coaching/content management business, and Island Moon Music, a publishing boutique.

Whether you’re on a quest to fine-tune your vocals in preparation for the studio and the stage, seeking to refresh your promotional content, or ready to plan and launch a website or creative event, we offer solutions to help you map the way forward while equipping you with resources to blossom in business.

I’ve vocal-coached several artistes over the course of 15 years, and enjoy helping creatives build businesses that bloom around their gifting and serve well. Along my journey as a marathon writer, songs I’ve penned have appeared on international charts including: #1MTV Africa, #1German reggae charts, #1 BBC 1 Xtra, #5 David Rodigan’s ‘Hot Hits’ list, #5 U.K reggae charts, and #7 Billboard reggae charts, and books written have been produced in both print and eBook formats.

Most recently, I launched the “Music Biz Boss” kit here via this website and “Vocal-CARE 101” eBook to help Speakers & Vocalists fine-tune their voice. Feel free to take a tour of our website, and connect when you select the services we can assist you with.

{Coaching online & in-person) | Workshops in Barbados}

“Working with you was amazing. I signed up for vocal coaching but got so so much more. You provided a cocoon, a safe space where I could express myself freely and test my limits. You encouraged me to hone in on my dreams and focus on what I truly wanted. Your energy and appreciation for life is infectious and appreciated. I encourage anyone seeking a vocal coach to call Indra.” –

Maria Kublalsingh (TEDX Coordinator ~ Barbados)
​”This is my first time working with Indra in a non-musical setting and I must say she is more than capable when it comes to press kit material for musicians. Her service is very efficient and she knows the right questions to ask so that she can help her clients in the most appropriate way. The best service is one where the provider takes the initiative and believes in their work and that is what Island Moon provides.” – Jomo Slusher (Trombonist, Berklee student)
Content Management & Creative Project Coordination

Establishing a dynamic online presence that aligns with your ideal audience is important. Marketing is at the pulse of every business, from ‘word-of-mouth’ referrals and blogs, to social media posts, campaigns and major advertising drives. Using compelling words, music, and images, we design content to assist you with polishing, presenting, and promoting your creative business in 4 key ways:

Voice Coaching

Music Licensing

The “Music Biz Boss” Coaching Kit 

Marketing muscle

“First I must say as project coordinator, Indra was quite professional, understanding, welcoming and a flexible person. She takes her work serious but yet made it fun for us artistes. If I were to do it all over again I wouldn’t change anything about the experience.” – Abena Vincent (Teacher/Theatre Artiste)

Helping creative entrepreneurs Fine-Tune their voice inLife and onLine.

1 of 5 female music publishers in Barbados | awarded by the University of The West Indies’ Gender & Development Department for significant contribution to Caribbean music | Awarded as 1 of 3 “Women In Music” by Girlfriends Expo