Shape a thriving career through your gifted creativity 

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Being an artist and writer is a wonderful adventure.

From writing, composing and recording, to editing, publishing, and producing a song, book, or album, there are a million reasons to smile. It’s not always easy, and there are lots of muscle-building moments along the way, still – beyond all that – you can shape a thriving career through your gifted creativity.

Are you

A Vocalist ready to fine-tune and free your Voice in prep for the studio or stage

A marathon Songwriter who is:

An aspiring Author/Blogger seeking:

  • clarity on your ideal topic/s to write about
  • a coach to assist you with structure, timelines, and accountability
  • navigational insight on copyrighting a book (in Barbados), securing an ISBN#, and sourcing the best rates for printing your book and stocking stores, locally

A representative of an Organization interested in:

  • booking a professional narrator for a commercial, app tutorial, or animation
  • licensing an instrumental from our in-house sound library

and so you have an idea…

My first ‘businesswas a neighbourhood detective agency, at 4 years old – paperwork an’ all. Meanwhile, I started piano and ballet lessons, and shortly after that, singing, songwriting, and guitar took the lead. From hotel gigs, touring stints, music expos, 1,000+ recorded background vocals for familiar faces of the region’s music scene, to investing in a home studio, vocal-coaching several artists, and reaching #1 (as a Songwriter) on a few international charts, I understand and can relate to the struggles, highlights and essence of the Caribbean-born indie artist. Along the way, there have been lots of commercial voice-overs, a few publishing consultancy opportunities and a year long stint as a freelance Documentation Specialist with a performers’ rights organization (so that love for paperwork came in handy from those ‘detective’ days, after all.)

SongWriting highlights include: #1 MTV Africa, #1 German reggae charts, # 1 BBC 1 Xtra, #5 David Rodigan’s ‘Hot Hits’ list, #5 U.K reggae charts, #7 Billboard reggae charts, and song placements in two award-winning indie films, “Once Upon A Time In Ichirouganaim,” & “A Caribbean Dream.” 

There is hope for your journey, there is scope for your creative business, and there is a map to assist you with reaching your fullest potential – to a tempo that aligns with the healthiest, happiest you.

You can be passionate about your God-given gifts, while being responsible in a business designed around them!


I came to publishing and documentation kickin’ an’ screamin’ – it was all about the artistry for me – then one day, I saw a song and reference to my name – on an international chart…then another…and another. Made a decision to get serious about managing my publishing business and was compelled to share insight with others.

Yes, I love love love writing, recording, and sharing in song onstage. It’s also pretty sweet to receive music royalty distribution notifications and online bank deposit confirmations, while writing a blog post in an oversized T-shirt, from the cosy-ness of my home. I also enjoy equipping artists, and aspiring authors & bloggers with resources and encouragement to pursue their calling and shape vibrant creative careers, through online courses.

You can do this!


“Working with you was amazing. I signed up for vocal coaching but got so so much more. You provided a cocoon, a safe space where I could express myself freely and test my limits. You encouraged me to hone in on my dreams and focus on what I truly wanted. Your energy and appreciation for life is infectious and appreciated. I encourage anyone seeking a vocal coach to call Indra.” –

Maria Kublalsingh (TEDX Coordinator ~ Barbados)
​”This is my first time working with Indra in a non-musical setting and I must say she is more than capable when it comes to press kit material for musicians. Her service is very efficient and she knows the right questions to ask so that she can help her clients in the most appropriate way. The best service is one where the provider takes the initiative and believes in their work and that is what Island Moon provides.” – Jomo Slusher (Trombonist, Berklee student)

Voice Coaching

“In every department she ranks among the best there is, and I find no difficulty in saying, that across all entertainment disciplines, she is the best and most naturally gifted female artist to have arrived on the Caribbean entertainment scene. Hopefully it won’t be too long before the rest of the world acknowledges that the same should be said for everywhere.” – EDDY GRANT (C.E.O. Ice Music Ltd & Related Companies, Ice Records Ltd.) 

“An extremely talented singer/songwriter, author and all-round artist. In the studio she is inspiring, energizing and a true pleasure to work with. Indra is the voice actor for the animation series and captures all the characters perfectly” – Vividview (producer of “It’s A Fact Caribbean” animation series)

“First I must say as project coordinator, Indra was quite professional, understanding, welcoming and a flexible person. She takes her work serious but yet made it fun for us artistes. If I were to do it all over again I wouldn’t change anything about the experience.” – Abena Vincent (Teacher/Theatre Artiste)

Indra’s Career Highlights include

#1MTV Africa, #1German reggae charts, #1 BBC 1 Xtra, #5 David Rodigan’s ‘Hot Hits’ list, #5 U.K reggae charts, #7 Billboard reggae charts, and in two indie films, “Once Upon A Time In Ichirouganaim,” & “A Caribbean Dream.” |1 of 5 female music publishers in Barbados | “Music Publishing 101” with Berklee Online | M.I.D.E.M, S.X.S.W, W.O.M.E.X, W.S.I.S, C.M.E/U.N.E.S.C.O | awarded by the University of The West Indies’ Gender & Development Department for significant contribution to Caribbean music | Awarded as 1 of 3 “Women In The Arts” by Girlfriends Expo